• Pam Perry


It was a Monday evening in March. The year was 1984. My entire life, all twenty-one years of it, hinged on this one moment. My pounding heart created a deafening roar in my ears as parallel rivers of tears streamed unnoticed down my cheeks. My mind raced furiously. Whom would I choose?

A voice deep within my soul was calling me, urging me to new life, eternal life. I could almost hear Him. He promised life free from the fear of death, a fear that was ever-present in the recesses of my mind. He promised life free from the fear of Hell. Was this Voice real or was my imagination running wild?

There was another voice as well, a deeper, darker voice. This second voice planted doubt within my mind. He told me I didn’t know the first Voice. He reminded me of the many times I had been to church. This had never happened before. He knew I was in a state of distress. It had to be the sadness deep within my soul causing this new sensation. If I waited a little longer, everything would be OK.

As these voices raged within my heart, I experienced turmoil unlike any I had known before. Even though I was seated in a large crowd of people, I felt alone. I was focused solely upon the war within me, unaware even of my husband sitting by my side. It was as if time stood still.

Suddenly, I recognized that first Voice, the undeniable Voice of God. He caused me to see the deprivation within my soul and urged me to accept His gift. He showed me that I would never be worthy on my own merit, but that He paid the price for my soul in the person of Jesus Christ. He died for me. He alone defeated death and Hell when He rose from the grave. Through Him I could have eternal life. It was my decision.

I bowed my head. I begged God to save me from an eternity in Hell. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I prayed for what seemed like hours. That evening I entrusted my life to Christ.

What happened next was absolutely incredible. I wish I could describe the peace that flooded my soul. The heartache that had haunted me for weeks instantly vanished. My fear of death was gone. Contentment and joy engulfed my heart. I felt clean and secure. I was resting in the hands of the God of the universe.

On that Monday night way back in 1984, I became a child of God. My Heavenly Father has never left me, nor will He. He walks with me each day giving me comfort, guidance, and even correction. One day, I’m going to meet Him face to face. Only then can I properly thank Him for calling me to be His own.

Choosing God was the best decision I ever made.

John 1:12 – But as many as receive Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.

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